Our shoppers trained by popular private chef

Our research revealed that one of South Africans’ pet peeves with online shopping for groceries is receiving bruised, over-ripe or otherwise underwhelming fresh produce. We all seem to feel that it’s better to hop in our cars and head to the grocery stores ourselves, rather than risk having some disinterested shop assistant toss random groceries […] Continue reading

Tuna Poke

After months of watching Poke become the new darling of Instagram foodies in the States, I am thrilled that the trend has finally hit Cape Town. No, I am not talking about the awkward feature on Facebook, but the Hawaiian fast food that has been all over your Instagram feed recently. While native Hawaiians have […] Continue reading

Mexican Grain Bowl

This is the perfect “recipe” for using up some Sunday roast chicken, rice and veggies. The beauty of a grain bowl is that you can use whatever is at hand and make the #notsaddesklunch of your wildest dreams. Here is my version of the Perfect Mexican Grain Bowl. Get creative using my ideas and make […] Continue reading