Tuna Poke

After months of watching Poke become the new darling of Instagram foodies in the States, I am thrilled that the trend has finally hit Cape Town. No, I am not talking about the awkward feature on Facebook, but the Hawaiian fast food that has been all over your Instagram feed recently. While native Hawaiians have […] Continue reading

Mexican Grain Bowl

This is the perfect “recipe” for using up some Sunday roast chicken, rice and veggies. The beauty of a grain bowl is that you can use whatever is at hand and make the #notsaddesklunch of your wildest dreams. Here is my version of the Perfect Mexican Grain Bowl. Get creative using my ideas and make […] Continue reading

Halloumi Fries

Mozzarella sticks are over, you guys. I know, devastating! But hear me out, as I am about to replace them with the better fried cheese alternative. A while back a friend who lives in the UK sent me a photo of her trip to Camden Market, where she picked up Oli Baba’s halloumi fries. Not […] Continue reading